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ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY! All Work And No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy - This project involved the study of the traditional games that are getting extinct because of the onslaught of the popular culture. For this we had partnered with a school at Nepal. The students enjoyed all the activities of the project. Even the teachers who conducted these activities got nostalgic as they all had played these games as a child. It was a wonderful experience and we got to the conclusion that these games are getting extinct because the students these days are more involved in their electronic gadgets. 1. POWER POINT PRESENTATION ON THE TRADITIONAL GAMES OF VARIOUS COUNTRIES 3. STUDENTS MAKING THE RULE BOOK 3. STUDENTS PLAYING KILLI KHADDU (SRI LANKAN GAME) 4. STUDENTS PLAYING GILLI DANDA (NEPAL)
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FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS The activity was aimed to learn the significance of festival of lights celebrated in India, China, Israel and Spain and appreciate the international uniqueness of these festivals. After the completion of the activity, the students came to know how different countries have their own festival of light. They also came to know that India being a multi-religious country, people of different religion celebrate different festival of light.  We all enjoyed the course of the activity and also got to learn a lot about different countries.   This is a brief description of all the activities that were conducted under this project.  POWER POINT PRESENTATION ON THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT. 2. QUIZ COMPETITION 3. DIYA DECORATION AND RANGOLI 4. DIWALI CAMPAIGN 5. PICS FROM THE PARTNE